About Us

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete” – Buckminster Fuller


Hof-Ubuntu is a “Local” and “Open” platform committed to fostering the adoption of permaculture, sustainable and resilient livelihoods, human-scaled technologies and health-promoting wellness skills.


It is clear that something is going very wrong with how we live and how our lifestyles affects the planet, the lives of people thousands of kilometres away and our relationships with each other and the community. We would rather live a life today than grant our children and the next seven generations a chance of a life of their own to fulfill their needs and quality of life. Rational and conventional top down government-led decision-making processes are normally used to prevent or solve interrelated problems or to facilitate and support change. As experience has shown, this often leads to resistance, alienation and apathy, subsequently resulting in a lack of real sustainable change. Changing the way we, as individuals, do “business” is of paramount importance.


An interdependent, sustainable and resilient lifestyle is something which cannot be attained overnight or by applying a conventional blue-print for action.

Although there are very few “universal” principles of sustainability, there are diverse pathways which lead us from the basic principles to the implementation of an sustainable, interdependent and resilient lifestyle. Whichever pathway is chosen it is to be founded on the basic principles of human dignity, interdependence and the particular care of the needs of future generations. This pathway begins at the confluence of spiritual and economic development. Guiding us along the way are interdependent and mutually reinforcing pillars of social networks, culture and governance. The pathway chosen must be supportable, equitable and viable for all stakeholders. To achieve a balanced sustainable and resilient lifestyle, community identity, dialogue, critical discourse and participatory democracy in decision-making processes are vital for success.

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