A neighbouring field is full in flower. Mainly containing Flanders Poppy (Papaver rhoeas), Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) and scentless chamomile (Tripleurospermum inodorum).

„Blumenwiese” – 1
„Blumenwiese” – 1 © Susann Senkpiel
„Blumenwiese” -2
„Blumenwiese” – 2 © Susann Senkpiel

Autumn’s First Frost

Autumn’s first frost has arrived!

Frost on the Pasture © Michel Garand
Martha and Izidor on Autumn's Frosty Pasture
Martha and Izidor on Autumn’s Frosty Pasture © Michel Garand
Autumn's Frost meets the Haystacks
Autumn’s Frost meets the Haystacks © Michel Garand
Haystacks waitng for the sun
Haystacks waiting for the sun © Michel Garand

Acquired a dilapidated “Bienenwagen”

Acquired a dilapidated “Bienenwagen” (mobile beehive). With a little help it was towed out of the forest to its present resting place. Over the next few months as time and funding allows it will be transformed into a “Mobile Office and Work Unit” (MOWU).

Dilapidated "Bienenwagen" in Forest
Dilapidated “Bienenwagen” in Forest © Michel Garand
Dilapidated "Bienenwagen" in Forest - 2
Dilapidated “Bienenwagen” in Forest – 2 © Michel Garand
Dilapidated "Bienenwagen" in Forest - 3
Dilapidated “Bienenwagen” in Forest – 3       © Michel Garand
Dilapidated "Bienenwagen" in Forest - 4
Dilapidated “Bienenwagen” in Forest – 4 © Michel Garand
Dilapidated "Bienenwagen" on the Field © Michel Garand
Dilapidated “Bienenwagen” put out to Pasture? © Michel Garand

The first “Skudde” sheep have arrived

The first 2 “Skudde” sheep have arrived:

Martha and Izydor
Martha and Izydor being transported in our “MLU” © Susann Senkpiel
Martha Gräfin von Obersdorf
Martha Gräfin von Obersdorf, born January 2012. © Susann Senkpiel
Izydor Freiherr von Obersdorf
Izydor Freiherr von Obersdorf, born February 2012. © Susann Senkpiel
Martha and Isydor observing their new "caretakers"
Martha and Isydor observing their new “caretakers” © Susann Senkpiel
Martha "keeping watch"
Martha “keeping watch” © Susann Senkpiel

For a description of the Skudde see – http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skudde or http://www.skudde.de/html/skudde.html

Fence building

Began to build a fence around a small grazing pasture of approximately 1250 sq m. for the animals. A managed intensive rotational grazing (MIRG) system is planned. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Managed_intensive_rotational_grazing.

As skudde sheep will be the choice of breed which will be grazing the pastures, a fence at least 160 cm. high will be required (skuddes can jump quite high!).  A galvanized mesh fence or galvanized cage fence is used. The type of fence chosen has small openings at the bottom (Width x Height x).

Later on a so called “Benjeshecken” or dead hedge  will be used to enclose the various pastures or gardens. See: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benjeshecke or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_hedge .